How I can pay back?

In simpliest way you can just write mail to me. Otherwise it's possible to send me some money or aids.

I really don't intend to be mad to you, if you decide to help me with getting own computer , tablet , digital camera or AdobeCreative Suite 2.

Also I don't despise any work-offer or orders.

Do you want to know more? Just write me!

Something important

Currently I'm going to after scholarship and I need letters of commendation.

It's very essential for me.

If you're pleased of my work or it prove usable for you, write me an e-mail , please, and I'll send you my home address.

It's low cost, but it could affect on my whole life.


It's simple, very usable and accessible project.

I dedicate it to my sweet girlfriend - Asia.

People think, that, if validators like Watchfire WebXACT , say them, that their website is WAI's triple ,,A" valid, that's true.

In their opinion all disable people are using text web browsers. But what about people having eye-defect or using PDA-s, touch-pads or high resolution displays?

It's exactly secret of my designs - they're simple, but strongly accessible - even for those users.


My name is Grzesiek and I'm sixteen years old Pole , who's interesting for HCI, usability, functionality and accessibility of WWW.

I'm not certificated specialist. It's just my whole life.

In my opinion Internet should be accessible for everyone, 'cause information should be free. That's why I, for example, support OSWD.

I haven't dual 2.7Ghz ApplePowerMac, AdobePhotoshop CS 2, commercial reports contributed by Nielsen Norman Group or any books. I'm creating on lend laptop. My dream is ApplePowerBook12", but it isn't possible to realize.

Anyway, I like that, what I do and I want do it in future.

I think, that OSWD can help me in development my passion.

How? For example I can do for you, as OSWD's user, some design, report, application or implementation of some software. I already done some derivative works for a dozen poeple - in that for OSWD's visitors.


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